D.C. property taxes among lowest in nation

by Tony Hain on October 2, 2010

When compared to rates paid by homeowners in all 50 states, property taxes as a percentage of property value in the District are among the lowest in the nation.  According to Washington Business Journal, our region ranks considerably higher when based on the dollar amount of property tax bills, reflecting higher property values here.

In the District, the property tax rate as a percentage of home value is 0.46 percent, which would rank D.C. number 47 if it were ranked with states.  The national average is 3.03 percent.

The median property tax bill in D.C. in 2009 was $2,057, ranked 20th based on dollar amount. The average property tax bill nationwide last year was $1,917.

Maryland & Virginia

Virginia and Maryland also fall in the bottom half for low property taxes. Maryland’s property tax rate of 0.8 percent ranks it 25th for its property tax burden. Virginia’s property tax rate of 0.74 percent ranks it the 34th lowest. When based on dollar amounts, the median property tax bill in Maryland in 2009 was $2,774, putting the state at number 11. Virginia’s median property tax bill last year was $1,862, the 21st-highest in the country.

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