Testimonials – Sellers

I cannot say enough good things about Tony. In short, he handled the sale of my condo and I would recommend him to anyone whole heartedly. Having moved out of state, I was concerned about the logistics of selling my condo, let alone the minor issues that pop up along the way like paperwork, HOA issues, etc. Selling a home is complicated, but Tony made it effortless by providing me with the right information at the right time, and providing the resources — cleaners, minor repairs, staging — to make this a successful sale. He exceeded every expectation I had by miles.

–Jed Brubaker, Dupont Circle

David Shotwell was my Realtor for selling my condo recently and thanks to his diligence and knowledge, it couldn’t have gone faster or more smoothly.  Buying and selling real estate can be extremely stressful, but David neutralized all of that with his upbeat attitude and his ability to find solutions for any issue.
–Jeb Stenhouse, Mount Vernon Square

Tony helped us buy our first condo in 2007, and then sell that condo and buy a new house in 2011. The condo and the house were totally different types of properties, in totally different neighborhoods, and 2007 and 2011 were totally different real estate markets. Each transaction had what I would consider unique complications – when buying the condo the selling developer wasn’t ready to settle on schedule; when selling the condo we were under a time crunch; when buying the house we had a significantly complex financing arrangement. Tony was invaluable to the process each and every time. Tony’s knowledge of DC, of the real estate market, and his transactional experience over the years made our three transactions with him possible, as he was able to handle the complexities that came with each. It should say enough that we’ve come back to Tony for each next transaction we were ready for, and that we have referred him to at least two friends I can think of who have used him – one for a purchase, and one for a purchase and subsequent sale.
–Mike Rosenthall, Columbia Heights & Berkley

Tony has been the consummate professional for a 2007 condo purchase and the subsequent sale of that condo in 2011. Of note, our recent condo sale was complicated by the fact that we moved overseas; Tony not only handled all of the typical realtor duties, but was also responsible to handling all the minor details that a homeowner would typically handle if they were local… such as arranging for home inspection items to be repaired, providing timely updates on open houses, and giving us the overall confidence that our property was being managed responsibly in our absence. Overall, Tony provided impeccable service, support, and guidance to relatively nascent homebuyers! We’d recommend Tony to anyone looking to buy or sell in the DC area.
–Corey Maender, Woodley Park

I have been involved in the buying and selling of real estate in Washington, DC for 30 years and I have never had a more qualified agent than Tony Hain. Besides being a pleasure to work with, Tony has a keen knowledge of the DC market and always does his best to put the best face on your listing. Whether it is staging, promotional materials and advertising, contacts network, or just knowing how to best price your property, Tony seems to be able to do it all successfully. Tony listens to his client but is always honest about what is realistic and then he gives it his all. Tony sold my last property in a matter of days and that was after raising the listing price right before he put it on the market due to conditions and we got it.
–Stuart, Logan Circle

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